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Best Free & Profitable
Trading Journal

Stay on Top of Your Trades With Our Trading Journal Software. Analyze your trades and make better decisions with ease.

Track Your Trades,
Maximize Your Profits!

Take your trading to the next level with our comprehensive trading journal software. Analyze your trades, track your performance, and make better decisions with ease. Elevate your trading game and maximize your profits with our innovative tool.

Start Focusing On What Works For You

Stop trading with hesitation

You can now trade with confidence by using stats and data driven decisions.

Recover after a trading loss

Make a plan to improve the trade by recapping the losses.

Scale up your trading fast.

 Depending on the need for improvement, we provide different features.

Understand your best trade setup

If you want to build a consistent system, you should be sticking to 2,3 key strategies that work best for you. Analyze what strategies work for your business and what isn’t.

Discover your best trading days

Giving away profits on friday? Analyze data and pinpoint the weak areas of your trading strategy. It helps you to improve by maximizing your profitable trading days.

Improve your risk management

If you’re giving away profits on Fridays then you need to understand the weak areas , so you can save your green days.

Tyslin Trading Journal
Helped Thousands of Traders
Achieve Their Goals

The best trading journal

Tyslin is one of the most useful trading software. It helped me to review my trade to get a clear picture of everything.  I am surprised , their services helped me to improve my trading abilities , and now I am a permanent customer.

UMAR ABBAS • Reactive Space

Tyslin is the best tool for Journaling

Tyslin , helps me to review my mistakes , and analyze them perfectly. It is not only user friendly but also provides the straightforward analytics I need. It helped me to improve my business in many ways.

HASSAN ABBAS • Reactive Space

Focus on the right stats

At one glance ,  get a quick overview and analysation of  your trades by using our trading journal software: what's working and what’s not.

Trading Journal

Our trading journal helps you to examine the risk factors in trade , by helping you to assess your monthly performance, negative patterns and other helpful insights.

In Depth Trade Analytics

Get a clear insight of the profitable areas in trading exsist, helping you to improve the strategy of your trade.

Optimize performance with ease

Our software helps you to analyze all the profitable opportunities by analyzing trading strategies , and data driven decisions to enhance the chances of your success.

Trade Feedback

Hesitant in your trades? Or risking more than you can afford to lose? Get the feedback of your trade , and gain a clear picture of the factors which are risking your performance.

Drilled Down Reporting

In Drilled Down Reporting , you will get the answers to all the problems including losses , risk management , and poor trading.

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