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How Tyslin Helps You


Easily import your trades from your broker or trading platform with Tyslin. Whether you have multiple trades or just a few, the process is straightforward. If your broker is not directly supported by Tyslin, simply refer to the list to determine compatibility. You can also manually enter your trades or import them.

Automatic Price Charts

After recording a trade in your journal, you will have access to charts that span various timeframes, ranging from weekly to 1-minute intervals, for you to review. These charts also highlight your buy and sell points, even for trades that occurred years ago.

Trade Notes

Take notes on your trades and revisit them at a later time. You have the flexibility to enter these notes during the trading day or at your own discretion, depending on how much you want to accomplish during the day.

Daily Notes

Create notes about the overall trading day, including days in which no trades were executed. The Journal View conveniently organizes trades and their corresponding notes by day.


Assign custom tags to your trades and utilize them later to filter and refine your search results. This feature allows you to quickly evaluate the performance of a specific system or setup.


Leverage the global filter to narrow down your search results to specific trades based on the symbol, side, tag, duration, or date range. After applying the filter, you can conveniently view the journal, trades, or reports that are relevant to those specific trades.


The daily summary provides a comprehensive overview of the trading day, while the weekly recap highlights your trading performance over the past week. You can also review the recent activity on your shared trades, and receive suggestions for other trades shared by traders who are operating in the same markets as you.


If you collaborate with a trading coach or mentor, you can share your trading data with them, and engage in conversations about specific trades while viewing their comments in real-time.

Chart Studies

Access the same chart studies that you utilize during your trading activities, such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, ATR, and more. Additionally, you can include comparison charts that feature an index, sector, or another security for a comprehensive analysis.

Running P&L Charts

Track the profit and loss (P&L) of your trades over a designated time frame. Additionally, for intraday trades, you can view your combined P&L for the entire trading day, providing insight into how each trade contributed to your daily performance.


When trades are settled in currencies other than the base currency (USD), such as forex, Eurex, etc., their profit and loss (P&L) data and statistics will be calculated in both their native currency and the base currency for aggregate reporting with other trades.

Commissions and Fees

Keep a record of commissions and fees and customize the reports to use either gross or net calculations according to your preference.

A trading journal is one of the best ways to improve your trading – and Tyslin is the most powerful tool available to keep your journal.

Built to Help You 
Trade Better

No more navigating multiple spreadsheets, platforms, or papers. Everything you need to become a powerful trader is here.

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